hi! i'm isabella. i obsess over fitness a lot.
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Q: Okay I'm 13 and I just got into fitness like, last year ish. Don't worry, I haven't injured myself or anything or pushed too hard lol, but I'm still looking for like, a new workout routine, like (using this word too much 😁) one that would be more my forte, and from what I've seen, you seem really informed about what you're talking about (if that made sense), so um, could you give me some advice? Also, I feel so embarrassed being into fitness, because not many my age are into all this, you know?











no. stop. you’re way too young. 

Seriously? She isn’t too young. It doesn’t hurt to be active. I was never active at 13 and now I’m overweight in my later teens. Just shut up. It’s fine to workout and be active. Just don’t workout too much. Just do a little.

You can’t blame yourself for not working out at 13 to be the reason you’re overweight. A 13 year old child should get into sports and that’s it. Not going out of her way to workout unless she is overweight and told by a doctor. Your problem is not every one else’s problem. “just shut up”. 

You are LITERALLY retarded. I have been following you for months, and you know fucking nothing. Omfg. YOU REALLY SHOULD JUST SHUT UP. IF 13 YEAR OLDS ARENT SUPPOSED TO WORK OUT, WHY IS THE FITNESS MILE RUN TESTS IN FUCKING 5TH GRADE. You literally are the stupidest fitblr I don’t know why anyone even bothers with you. Take a fucking health class, Jesus. And you say you wanna be a nurse. Ha

You’re so uneducated it’s really clear so maybe you should not talk out of your ass and embarrass yourself.

Are you fucking stupid? This poor girl or boy messaged you looking for advice. All you say is “you’re too young”
No that’s not true. And I’m not talking out of my ads you fucking stupid ads bitch. I fucking hate you and YOUR uneducated responses to people who for some reason look up to you and like you. like, go learn something besides being a bitch and telling people to fuck off. 👋

no….no….she is only a rich white cheerleader…..please….you are so rude…..please….

You guys are just embarrassing yourself and seriously need to get educated haha

All she says is that were uneducated, what did we say that’s uneducated? Sorry you’re mad cause we don’t act like we have ASPERGERS like you do

Sorry you’re having a mental break down right now for not liking that I’m right and you can’t handle it.

i started working out when i was 13???
i like ur blog and im not dissing u but its not rlly a problem tbh
my middle school didnt offer any competetive school sports so i had to workout on my own.
and just like the anon, i liked (and still like) changing up my workout routine so i wouldnt get bored.
i just recommend fun cardios like dance and that u can do just by playing just dance (100% recommend bc i love it and my friends do too) and there are apps thats can help u creat workouts based on a lot of different personal things (ive been using pumpup and i rlly enjoy it)
i mean as long as shes doing it in moderation (like any other person older than her) then it rlly doesnt seem like a problem
and she said that she hasnt pushed herself too hard, all she wanted was a new workout

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Berries, coconut yogurt and toasted maple and coconut oil granola <3

Omg this looks amazing!!

Fitness, motivation, vegan and advice blog! ✻

What a great way to start the day! Banana flax cinnamon oatmeal (with some ginger) topper with more banana, bluberries, dries berries, almonds, mixed nuts butter, cinnamon and honey

Go workout!

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